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20180303 3642 270x180 - Ice Skating on the Amsterdam Canals

Ice Skating on the Amsterdam Canals

By On March 3, 2018

A Siberian Winter Yes! We feel so lucky, because for the second time since we’ve lived in Amsterdam we were able to ice skate on the canals today. You might think this… Read More

20171210 8810 270x180 - Snow in Amsterdam

Snow in Amsterdam

By On January 17, 2018

Snow in Amsterdam almost always happens every year. This year it happened right before Christmas, and with Christmas lights in the streets it definitely offered a picture perfect view. Home Sweet Home… Read More

20161229 7143 270x180 - Christmas in Amsterdam

Christmas in Amsterdam

By On December 31, 2017

We love living in Amsterdam, but every year in December we love it even more! The Christmas lights, especially the ones in the Spiegelkwartier and the museum district turn the city into… Read More

20170823 5075 270x180 - Vuurtoreneiland, the Lighthouse Island

Vuurtoreneiland, the Lighthouse Island

By On September 14, 2017

On the wishlist Sometimes you read about something and you promise yourself you are definitely going to visit that place one day. I remember reading about Vuurtoren eiland (Lighthouse Island) a few… Read More

20170430 1205 270x180 - Artis Zoo in Spring

Artis Zoo in Spring

By On May 15, 2017

We like Artis, the Amsterdam zoo, but we absolutely love it in spring. The place is literally in full bloom with different flower beds everywhere. Red, yellow, pink and purple tulips welcome you at… Read More

20160202 6630 270x180 - Pressroom at INK Hotel Amsterdam

Pressroom at INK Hotel Amsterdam

By On August 15, 2016

Recently we visited Pressroom at INK Hotel Amsterdam. It’s always fun to visit a place where they stay true to its history. INK Hotel Amsterdam used to house Dutch newspaper De Tijd and everything… Read More

20150917 1772 270x180 - Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam

Unseen Photo Fair Amsterdam

By On September 20, 2015

It’s probably no surprise that we love photography, so a visit to the Unseen Photo Fair in Amsterdam is a must each year. Yesterday we spent almost a full day wandering around… Read More