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20120430 6728 540x315 - The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

By On June 14, 2012

Some places are so amazing, you have to pinch yourself to truly believe what you’re seeing. Grand Canyon is such a place. It’s so huge, so big, so gigantic, so..uhm…Grand that it… Read More

20120504 7013 540x315 - Highway 1

Highway 1

By On June 5, 2012

I remember seeing an article in National Geographic 7 years ago about Big Sur. The images were breathtakingly beautiful. Since then, this coastal route has been high on my destination wish list.… Read More

20120505 7209 540x315 - Bear Spotting in Yosemite Valley

Bear Spotting in Yosemite Valley

By On June 4, 2012

“If you follow the sandy path along those rocks, cross the river behind the bend and follow it till you reach a fresh green meadow where you might spot a bear.” When… Read More

20120504 7048 540x315 - Sequoia Grove

Sequoia Grove

By On May 31, 2012

Once upon a time the world was covered in red forests consisting of gigantic, humongous, mammoth trees. These days, you’ll only find them along the Californian coast in one of the national… Read More

20120503 6890 540x315 - Santa Barbara Do's and Don'ts

Santa Barbara Do’s and Don’ts

By On May 25, 2012

“I wanna live here!” Every now and then we visit a place and as soon as we cross the city limit I am certain: I want to buy a house here. I… Read More

20120425 5999 540x315 - Death Valley #3: Dust in the Wind

Death Valley #3: Dust in the Wind

By On May 20, 2012

Another highlight in Death Valley: the Mesquite flat dunes. Even though the area looks small,  you can walk around for hours if you want to, following the sharp lines of crescent dunes… Read More

20120424 5813 540x315 - Death valley #2: Mosaic Canyon

Death valley #2: Mosaic Canyon

By On May 15, 2012

Who ever thinks Death Valley is just desert is wrong. Ok, there are beautiful sand dunes (more about that soon), salt plains and lots of pink, purple and beige rocks, but the… Read More