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20120508 7543 540x315 - The Haights

The Haights

By On July 11, 2012

It’s actually quite coincidental that yesterday I was referring to Jack Kerouac who is seen as one of the pioneers of the beat movement. And today I’m writing about a neighborhood that… Read More

20120430 6771 540x315 - On the Road Part 2

On the Road Part 2

By On July 9, 2012

Route 66. It’s a symbol of freedom. Every teenagers dream. It has inspired writers, singers and composers. Road Trips are my favorite way of holiday-ing, so it made me feel ecstatic when we hit… Read More

20120506 7422 2 540x315 - ...and Down the John Muir Trail

…and Down the John Muir Trail

By On June 27, 2012

Nevada Falls is twice as high as Vernal Falls and the path towards it twice as steep.The trail is a little less misty, but again with a huge waterfall and a steep… Read More

20120506 7303 540x315 - Up the Mist Trail...

Up the Mist Trail…

By On June 26, 2012

Sometimes after a really great trip we suffer from a reverse form of homesickness. Only the really special places do that to us, and Yosemite Park is definitely one of them. We… Read More

20120502 67892 540x315 - In the Arizona Desert

In the Arizona Desert

By On June 25, 2012

You see it in wild wild west movies. Dry land, cactus plants and a horizon that’s trembling from the heat. To actually be in the middle of this kind of landscape feels… Read More

20120425 6060 540x315 - Death Valley #3: Badlands

Death Valley #3: Badlands

By On June 19, 2012

Sometimes your eyes play tricks on you. Or your mind just doesn’t know what’s in front of you. Ever had that? Well I have! In the Death Valley Badlands we stopped at… Read More

20120429 6523 540x315 - Lower Antelope Canyon

Lower Antelope Canyon

By On June 19, 2012

Can you imagine, you’re walking through the desert and all of a sudden you spot a crevice in the ground, hiding an underground canyon? A path 400 meters long shaped by wind… Read More