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20170904 5371 1 270x180 - Palma Aquarium

Palma Aquarium

By On October 11, 2017

A family friendly trip to the Palma Aquarium on Mallorca. It’s funny how – when you have children – you discover totally new things in a place you’ve been visiting for many… Read More

20170930 7137 270x180 -  The Efteling theme park

 The Efteling theme park

By On October 5, 2017

Nostalgia and Fairytales We’ve just spent a weekend in the Efteling theme park and it was fantastic. I forgot just how beautiful the park really is, especially the Sprookjesbos (fairytale forest) and… Read More

20170930 7308 1 270x180 - Staying at Efteling Loonsche Land
The Netherlands

Staying at Efteling Loonsche Land

By On October 3, 2017

A log cabin close to the Efteling The Efteling  is a day filled with family fun for sure. I hadn’t been to the park for some years, but I still remember the… Read More

20170709 4039 270x180 - Terchelling Photography

Terchelling Photography

By On September 20, 2017

Our photographer Maarten, also know as the ‘Fish’ in Fish and Feathers, (pictured below with his mom) has put up a selection of Terschelling photography on his website. Check it out here.… Read More

20170823 5075 270x180 - Vuurtoreneiland, the Lighthouse Island

Vuurtoreneiland, the Lighthouse Island

By On September 14, 2017

On the wishlist Sometimes you read about something and you promise yourself you are definitely going to visit that place one day. I remember reading about Vuurtoren eiland (Lighthouse Island) a few… Read More

20170708 3639 270x180 - Terschelling in Summer
The Netherlands

Terschelling in Summer

By On August 29, 2017

New discoveries Terschelling in summer? Sometimes all you need is a cold drink and sea views. Well there’s enough of that if you decide to spend the summer on Terschelling. The beaches are… Read More

20170710 4192 270x180 - The Green Beach Revisited

The Green Beach Revisited

By On August 28, 2017

A return to the green beach. Nothing beats walking on the beach. Especially during low tide when the beach is extra wide and you’ll spot all sorts of underwater life above ground…… Read More