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20150620 0497 270x180 - Teton Sunset on Mormon Row
United States

Teton Sunset on Mormon Row

By On January 18, 2016

Watching the sun set over the Grand Tetons at Mormon Row is a photographer’s dream. Especially with the mountains covered in snow in the background and fields filled with yellow flowers in the front.… Read More

20140906 26201 540x360 - The Green Beach on Terschelling
The Netherlands

The Green Beach on Terschelling

By On May 28, 2015

As you can see here, here and here we are big fans of the Wadden Islands, the Dutch islands in the north sea. Somehow the sky on these island looks always brighter and… Read More

20131016 4567 540x360 - Breakwater Beach, Brewster
United States

Breakwater Beach, Brewster

By On October 3, 2014

You don't always need a restaurant for a beautiful entourage. Sometimes a beach, the sunset and some sushi is enough. … Read More

20130909 30211 540x360 - Kites, Burgers and Beer

Kites, Burgers and Beer

By On December 4, 2013

Even if you’re not into water sports, a visit to Atlantis Beach – the place to kite on Bonaire – is a must. The white sand, turquoise waters and gazillion kites in… Read More

20120502 67892 540x315 - In the Arizona Desert

In the Arizona Desert

By On June 25, 2012

You see it in wild wild west movies. Dry land, cactus plants and a horizon that’s trembling from the heat. To actually be in the middle of this kind of landscape feels… Read More

20120430 6728 540x315 - The Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon

By On June 14, 2012

Some places are so amazing, you have to pinch yourself to truly believe what you’re seeing. Grand Canyon is such a place. It’s so huge, so big, so gigantic, so..uhm…Grand that it… Read More

20090401 4978 540x315 - Total Taj

Total Taj

By On March 9, 2012

When Mughal emperor Shah Jahan’s third wife died during labor he was so overcome with sadness he built a white marble mausoleum: the Taj Mahal. It took over 16 years to finish… Read More