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20180321 4751 270x180 - Climbing Cape Kiwanda

Climbing Cape Kiwanda

By On November 3, 2018

Along the Coast Oregons coast is so beautiful. When you follow the route along the Pacific you will definitely be swept away, we for sure were. From little villages (think: wooden houses,… Read More

20180320 4534 270x180 - Hiking in Ecola State Park

Hiking in Ecola State Park

By On October 29, 2018

Rainforest, Rocks and Beaches Ecola State Park is right outside Cannon Beach, the place we told you about last time – one of the highlights of our trip.  Think: a state park… Read More

20180320 4440 Edit 270x180 - Chasing One-Eyed Willy in Cannon Beach

Chasing One-Eyed Willy in Cannon Beach

By On October 18, 2018

Cannon Beach, Our First Stop on the Oregon Coast We arrived in Cannon Beach after a beautiful four hour drive from Portland. I had been Pinteresting this village so I knew it looked… Read More

20180319 4232 270x180 - Downtown Portland

Downtown Portland

By On October 16, 2018

Our Oregon Roadtrip Starts in Downtown Portland Oregon has been on our wishlist for quite some time so you can imagine how thrilled we were when we were invited to do a… Read More

20150626 0966 270x180 - Larimer Street, Denver

Larimer Street, Denver

By On March 29, 2016

A must: Larimer Street Dining… I remember when we first drove through downtown Denver (with our huge RV) the first thing I spotted were the little lights of Larimer Street. I didn’t know… Read More

20150626 0905 270x180 - Denver Dinosaur Spotting

Denver Dinosaur Spotting

By On March 16, 2016

At The Denver Museum of Nature and Science It’s time for some dinosaur spotting… Did you know that Colorado is one of the states where most dinosaur fossils were found? In fact, Denver… Read More

20150624 0792 270x180 - Ghost Town St. Elmo, Colorado

Ghost Town St. Elmo, Colorado

By On February 27, 2016

Always wanted to visit a ghost town? St. Elmo is one of the most beautiful ghost towns of Colorado where most buildings are still intact: from the general store, to the post office and a school… Read More