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20130814 12691 540x360 - Hotel Top 10

Hotel Top 10

By On January 6, 2015

Our very first Hotel Top 10. Here it is!  I can tell you; it’s almost impossible to choose a number one. Some hotels are beautiful. Others are in a unique location, have the… Read More

20131020 4868 540x360 - Along the Maine Coast

Along the Maine Coast

By On November 5, 2014

We started our trip on Cape Cod and Nantucket and from there followed the coast into Maine. Wow! The beaches, the houses, the cute villages. We fell in love with every part… Read More

20130102 3286 540x315 - The Gurnard's Head

The Gurnard’s Head

By On January 16, 2013

I.Want. To. Live. Here. Or at least come back here every year for an extended period, read books, wander around...… Read More

20120221 20901 540x315 - Bushmill's Inn

Bushmill’s Inn

By On November 6, 2012

What better way to end a day full of exploring than pulling up a chair near an Inglenook fireplace with a home-brewed Whiskey. The Bushmills Inn is said to be the oldest… Read More

20120220 2031 540x315 - Escape to the country

Escape to the country

By On February 25, 2012

Maybe it’s the holidays I used to spend in the UK as a little girl. Maybe it was my room decorated with flower wallpaper and pink striped curtains. Or maybe it’s my… Read More