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20130303 5870 540x315 - Hotel Krone in Hittisau

Hotel Krone in Hittisau

By On April 1, 2013

With some hotels you just immediately know you’ve made the right choice: we had this feeling with Hotel Krone in Hittisau. As soon as we drove up the village square and saw the typical… Read More

20130301 5158 540x315 - Hotel Lun in Brand, Austria

Hotel Lun in Brand, Austria

By On March 26, 2013

Hotel Lun has been a family-run business for decades and recently the two brothers who run the hotel renovated and modernized the building. Apart from a fantastic spa in the basement and… Read More

20130121 4830 2 540x315 - Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam
The Netherlands

Conservatorium Hotel, Amsterdam

By On February 25, 2013

Sometimes a night away  in your hometown can really feel like a weekend break in some other cool city. Last month we stayed in one of the newest, coolest and most beautiful… Read More

20120324 4028 540x315 - Santa Barbara Beach Golf Club

Santa Barbara Beach Golf Club

By On February 22, 2013

When you’re a non-golfer be prepared to be turned when you visit the Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort. This Old Quarry Golf 72 par course is named after the marble mines… Read More

20120323 3853 540x315 - Rancho el Sobrino

Rancho el Sobrino

By On February 13, 2013

What’s better than spending a day on a white sandy beach in Curacao with palm trees and a turquoise sea? Well, we know the answer to that! Ending it with the best… Read More

20130102 3286 540x315 - The Gurnard's Head

The Gurnard’s Head

By On January 16, 2013

I.Want. To. Live. Here. Or at least come back here every year for an extended period, read books, wander around...… Read More

20130102 3270 540x315 - The Old Coast Guard, Mousehole
United Kingdom

The Old Coast Guard, Mousehole

By On January 13, 2013

During our Cornwall trip we discovered something that is high on our return-wishlist...… Read More