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20131016 4500 540x360 - Nauset Light Beach

Nauset Light Beach

By On September 29, 2014

Cape Cod is one of our favourite autumn destinations. The fresh air, wide beaches, fresh lobster, cosy B&B's (hello yummie breakfast) and colourful foliage make it just perfect.… Read More

20140429 9468 540x360 - Hotel Formentor in Spring

Hotel Formentor in Spring

By On July 7, 2014

Every time we visit Hotel Formentor on Mallorca we discover something new. Last time we fell in love with the black and white photographs in the restaurant, showing (famous) guests in 1920’s… Read More

20131104 5918 540x360 - On A Black Beach

On A Black Beach

By On April 23, 2014

When I say beach, you probably think of palm trees and soft white sand. Well, in Iceland the beaches are black – These black beaches are formed by basalt, a volcanic rock… Read More

20130910 3304 540x360 - Sorobon Beach

Sorobon Beach

By On December 2, 2013

Some beaches are just picture perfect. The sea is turquoise with a hint of green. The sand white and soft. And let’s not forget about palm trees, a few sun beds and… Read More

20131004 40652 540x360 - Until The End Of The World
The Netherlands

Until The End Of The World

By On October 9, 2013

Vlieland is our favourite of the five Waddeneilanden, the Islands in the north of The Netherlands. There’s only one village, 26 kilometres of cycling paths and a little over 20 kilometres of wide sandy… Read More

20120321 3453 540x315 - Papagayo Beach

Papagayo Beach

By On February 17, 2013

We like our beaches peaceful and quiet, but if you’re a bit more into the family-meets-happy-hour-holiday, than Papagayo Beach Club is your thing. Comfortable sun beds, parasols and a pool-style beach make… Read More

20120321 34311 540x315 - Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort

Santa Barbara Beach and Golf Resort

By On January 24, 2013

We just got back from an amazing trip to Curacao. When you dream of the...… Read More