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20131026 5339 540x360 - Portland Harbor Hotel

Portland Harbor Hotel

By On November 18, 2014

As soon as we set foot in the Portland Harbor Hotel, we knew it was our kind of place. And no, not just because of the location – right in the middle… Read More

20131021 4965 540x360 - The Captain Lord Mansion, Kennebunkport

The Captain Lord Mansion, Kennebunkport

By On November 6, 2014

A night at the museum? That’s the first thing that comes to mind when I think back to The Captain Lord Mansion in Kennebunkport, Maine. This beautiful inn takes you back in time and gives… Read More

20131017 4646 540x360 - White Elephant Village, Nantucket

White Elephant Village, Nantucket

By On October 13, 2014

When I think of Nantucket I think of grey wooden houses, white fences and light blue and lilac hydrangeas. Well, that's exactly what you get. … Read More

20131017 4663 540x360 - Cru Oyster Bar, Nantucket

Cru Oyster Bar, Nantucket

By On October 7, 2014

Nantucket…ah! We fell head over heels in love with this beautiful island. The typical grey wood shingled houses, the deserted beaches and overly charming village make us want to come back here… Read More

20131016 4469 540x360 - Nauset House Inn

Nauset House Inn

By On September 30, 2014

We love rural escapes, Italian palaces and luxury skyscrapers, but sometimes a B&B is the best home away from home...… Read More

20140529 1034 540x360 - Masseria Torre Maizza

Masseria Torre Maizza

By On August 20, 2014

As you can read here, here and here…we fell in love with Puglia. The food, the scenic drives, the wine and the uh…food, are amazing! Even better was the hotel we stayed… Read More

20140527 0833 540x360 - Otranto, Puglia

Otranto, Puglia

By On July 20, 2014

Last month we visited Puglia and we fell in love with this beautiful and remote area of Italy. Did you know it is located in the very tip of the heel of… Read More