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Causeway Coastal Route

20130725 0915 540x360 - Northern Ireland Publication in Het Parool

Northern Ireland Publication in Het Parool

By On August 6, 2013

Another story we published in Dutch newspaper Het Parool is about a beautiful travel destination close to home: Northern Ireland. we started our trip in Belfast, drove the spectacular Causeway Coastal Route,… Read More

20120221 20901 540x315 - Bushmill's Inn

Bushmill’s Inn

By On November 6, 2012

What better way to end a day full of exploring than pulling up a chair near an Inglenook fireplace with a home-brewed Whiskey. The Bushmills Inn is said to be the oldest… Read More

20120221 2187 540x315 - Dunluce Castle

Dunluce Castle

By On November 3, 2012

Another must-see along the Causeway Coastal Route is Dunluce Castle. A spectacular ruin on an even more spectacular location. The remains of this palace are located on the very steep end of… Read More

20120220 2023 540x315 - Giant's Causeway

Giant’s Causeway

By On November 1, 2012

I love myths, legends and fairy tales and – lucky me- Ireland is full of them. Like the story about the Giants Causeway. The legend says that Irish Giant Finn McCool built… Read More

20120221 2101 540x315 - Carrick-a-Rope Bridge

Carrick-a-Rope Bridge

By On October 31, 2012

Along the Causeway Coastal Route you must stop at the Carrick-a-Rede rope bridge. This bridge was originally built by salmon fishermen. Only then it was no more than a single rope and… Read More

20120220 1917 540x315 - Giant Causeway Coastal Route #02

Giant Causeway Coastal Route #02

By On October 29, 2012

We continue our drive on the Causeway Coastal Route to see Giant’s Causeway and all the other must-see sights along this drive. But  today we will share the beautiful hamlets and cute… Read More

20120220 1892 540x315 - Giant Causeway Coastal Route #01

Giant Causeway Coastal Route #01

By On October 27, 2012

This is what I imagined when I dreamed of Ireland. Soft green rolling hills, a few sheep, a rough sea and grey clouds giving everything that mystical atmosphere. We are driving on… Read More