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20130725 0915 540x360 - Northern Ireland Publication in Het Parool

Northern Ireland Publication in Het Parool

By On August 6, 2013

Another story we published in Dutch newspaper Het Parool is about a beautiful travel destination close to home: Northern Ireland. we started our trip in Belfast, drove the spectacular Causeway Coastal Route,… Read More

20120219 1797 540x315 - And the Nominees Are...

And the Nominees Are…

By On December 13, 2012

We are very happy and proud to announce that we have been nominated for an Ireland Press Award in the online category! Next Wednesday the winners will be announced and we we… Read More

20120219 1715 540x315 - Belfast by Black Hackney

Belfast by Black Hackney

By On November 27, 2012

Belfast is quite big and spread out, so it’s not the easiest city to see on foot. If you’re only staying for a few days and want to see as much as… Read More

20120219 1684 540x315 - Avoca, Belfast

Avoca, Belfast

By On November 26, 2012

We asked a stranger on the streets of Belfast where we could get a healthy, organic lunch and he told us to go to Avoca. After some searching we found a shop… Read More

20120219 1829 540x315 - Dean's Deli

Dean’s Deli

By On November 23, 2012

We were surprised to learn that Belfast has so many more food options than the local pub. A short stroll from our hotel we stumbled upon a cosy yet chic eatery. And to make… Read More

20120220 1847 540x315 - The Unsinkable Titanic Museum

The Unsinkable Titanic Museum

By On October 26, 2012

Remember when we were in Ireland last February? We started out in Belfast, drove the magnificent Causeway Coastal Route, visited ruins and mythical places, ate in fantastic restaurants, tasted some Irish Whiskey… Read More

20120219 1820 540x315 - Ten Square in Belfast

Ten Square in Belfast

By On February 24, 2012

Ten Square Hotel has been our home away from home in Belfast and I’ll give you 3 (not 10) reasons why you should stay here during your city break: The mattress, oh… Read More