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20130814 12691 540x360 - Hotel Top 10

Hotel Top 10

By On January 6, 2015

Our very first Hotel Top 10. Here it is!  I can tell you; it’s almost impossible to choose a number one. Some hotels are beautiful. Others are in a unique location, have the… Read More

20130102 3246 540x315 - Mousehoule Christmas Lights
United Kingdom

Mousehoule Christmas Lights

By On January 15, 2013

I found a very old leather bound book in a second hand bookstore...… Read More

20130102 3270 540x315 - The Old Coast Guard, Mousehole
United Kingdom

The Old Coast Guard, Mousehole

By On January 13, 2013

During our Cornwall trip we discovered something that is high on our return-wishlist...… Read More