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DSC 02372 540x315 - Lunar Landscapes In Kashmir

Lunar Landscapes In Kashmir

By On February 18, 2012

We are on our way to Srinagar. Behind every mountain and after each curve the landscape changes en route between Leh and Kashmir. From an American route 66 feel to old-crinkled-skin mountains… Read More

DSC 0059b 540x315 - Picture perfect in Jammu and Kashmir

Picture perfect in Jammu and Kashmir

By On February 15, 2012

“I don’t think the farmer likes you to stand in his mustard field!” Our guide warns us several times when we (carefully) walk through a field filled with bright yellow flowers. How… Read More

DSC 0044 540x315 - Say a little prayer

Say a little prayer

By On January 29, 2012

In and around Leh we visited the most beautiful monasteries and one thing I like in particular are the prayer wheels. These prayer wheels are cylindrical wheels on a spindle you can… Read More

DSC 0144 540x315 - Jule! Jule! Jule!

Jule! Jule! Jule!

By On January 27, 2012

Young ones. Old folks. Sales men. And even the kids playing on the streets in Leh say Jule. At first we had no idea what it meant, but Jule means a lot:… Read More

DSC 0073 540x315 - Stupefying Shanti Stupa

Stupefying Shanti Stupa

By On January 27, 2012

After cold nights in tents, altitude sickness on the high passes and 21 loop-roads we finally arrive in Leh. One of the most beautiful sights in Leh is the Shanti Stupa. While we… Read More

DSC 0087 540x315 - Be Gentle On My Curves

Be Gentle On My Curves

By On January 22, 2012

Two days after the Gata Loops we are driving on the More Plains. A plateau with huge, golden mountains on either side. There’s no road here so to get from one side… Read More