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20120425 6060 540x315 - Death Valley #3: Badlands

Death Valley #3: Badlands

By On June 19, 2012

Sometimes your eyes play tricks on you. Or your mind just doesn’t know what’s in front of you. Ever had that? Well I have! In the Death Valley Badlands we stopped at… Read More

20120425 5999 540x315 - Death Valley #3: Dust in the Wind

Death Valley #3: Dust in the Wind

By On May 20, 2012

Another highlight in Death Valley: the Mesquite flat dunes. Even though the area looks small,  you can walk around for hours if you want to, following the sharp lines of crescent dunes… Read More

20120424 5813 540x315 - Death valley #2: Mosaic Canyon

Death valley #2: Mosaic Canyon

By On May 15, 2012

Who ever thinks Death Valley is just desert is wrong. Ok, there are beautiful sand dunes (more about that soon), salt plains and lots of pink, purple and beige rocks, but the… Read More

20120424 5922 540x315 - Into Death Valley

Into Death Valley

By On May 5, 2012

When we decided we were going to take a trip from Las Vegas to Death Valley I expected to spend the day in a desert. Well, that was true, it’s the lowest,… Read More