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20120911 97021 540x315 - The Sahara of The North
The Netherlands

The Sahara of The North

By On October 1, 2012

One of the highlights of our visit to Vlieland was the hike across de Vliehors, a 20 square kilometer sized  dune area on the west side of the island.  Usually this dutch… Read More

20120425 5999 540x315 - Death Valley #3: Dust in the Wind

Death Valley #3: Dust in the Wind

By On May 20, 2012

Another highlight in Death Valley: the Mesquite flat dunes. Even though the area looks small,  you can walk around for hours if you want to, following the sharp lines of crescent dunes… Read More

20120424 5922 540x315 - Into Death Valley

Into Death Valley

By On May 5, 2012

When we decided we were going to take a trip from Las Vegas to Death Valley I expected to spend the day in a desert. Well, that was true, it’s the lowest,… Read More

20100221 3236 540x315 - Rajasthan Road Trip

Rajasthan Road Trip

By On March 28, 2012

The cities in Rajasthan, India are famous for their palaces, silk fabrics and glass colored bracelets. You would almost forget how beautiful the scenery is between these cities. Traveling by train is… Read More

20100225 4061 540x315 - Golden City Jaisalmer

Golden City Jaisalmer

By On January 2, 2012

One of the most magical places we ever visited in India is Jaisalmer, better known as the Golden City. The old town is formed by a gigantic medieval sandstone fort. From the… Read More

20100222 3622 540x315 - Rajasthan Desert Camp

Rajasthan Desert Camp

By On December 25, 2011

When we were in Iceland (-12 degrees Celsius with wind and snow) I couldn’t help but think of a time when I was a bit warmer. It definitely was hot in the… Read More