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20140907 2782 540x360 - Off Season Terschelling
The Netherlands

Off Season Terschelling

By On July 6, 2015

As you can read here and here, we LOVE Terschelling. Especially off-season it’s the perfect escape for some peace and quiet (and those empty beaches for long walks). This Dutch Wadden Island has got… Read More

20120910 9494 540x315 - Bridal Bliss in Badhotel Bruin
The Netherlands

Bridal Bliss in Badhotel Bruin

By On September 24, 2012

We told you before, The Netherlands is just as pretty as India, America, Ireland and Iceland. Different of course, but just as beautiful. Especially the Wadden Islands, a favorite area of ours.… Read More

20120810 8799 540x315 - Hoge Veluwe National Park
The Netherlands

Hoge Veluwe National Park

By On August 14, 2012

I always feel empty when the summer holidays are over. you’re back at home, behind your computer, doing laundry and other boring every-day-life stuff. This weekend I suddenly had an idea. Why… Read More