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map1 540x327 - Travel Fever!

Travel Fever!

By On August 13, 2013

It’s been a little quiet on our travel blog, but that’s because we’ve been really busy planning our upcoming trips. The second half of 2013 will bring us to a lot of… Read More

nikon coolpix aw 110 01 540x315 - Photo Contest: I AM ONE WITH NATURE


By On April 2, 2013

If only there would be a camera that’s shockproof, freezeproof and waterproof. Oh wait! There is. The new Nikon COOLPIX AW 110 is not only that, it makes great images and full… Read More

20130103 33581 540x315 - What to pack: Cornwall

What to pack: Cornwall

By On January 22, 2013

We get a lot of emails from our readers asking us: what do you pack when you...… Read More

20130102 3286 540x315 - The Gurnard's Head

The Gurnard’s Head

By On January 16, 2013

I.Want. To. Live. Here. Or at least come back here every year for an extended period, read books, wander around...… Read More

20121231 3137 540x315 - Best Day Of 2013, So Far...

Best Day Of 2013, So Far…

By On January 2, 2013

The Holiday season is the perfect time to plan a cosy getaway...… Read More

20120911 9646 540x315 - Our Highlights of 2012

Our Highlights of 2012

By On December 31, 2012

A few more hours to go till 2013! Every end of the year we look...… Read More

20121224 2557 540x315 - Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

By On December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas! We are busy preparing our trip to Cornwall for the holidays and have a busy schedule ahead of us for the beginning of 2013. First stop in the new year:… Read More